What is the Child Care Project? Where do we get involved?

The Child Care Project e.V. is a charity organisation under construction.
With our 2 teams in Uganda and Germany, we focus on three areas.
The main focus is on a pre-primary and primary school founded in 2013 by the CCP.

Children Phtos-3

Where are the projects?

The projects are located mainly in Iganga, in the southeast of the African state of Uganda.

Our school is in a place called Nabidongha. This is located four miles from the center of Iganga. There are also the five single mothers who are helped by the women’s initiative and whose children attend the CCP’s school.

The four disabled children supported by the CCP and their families live in Buwama, about 200 km away.

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What are the goals of the project?

The organization aims to help socially disadvantaged families and children through education and assistance in everyday life. We work according to the concept of “helping people to help themselves”, which means that we support our projects financially, but at the same time, it is important for us to help people to lead an independent life so that they can provide for their families at some point.

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