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2020 Annual report summary

We are pleased to report on our activities during 2020, a year which has seen us make progress, but is also one in which our efforts have been increasingly hindered by the pandemic.

1. School

Schools in Uganda remain in lockdown during the covid pandemic and we continue to deliver food to and teach the children remotely as described in my last message. We are now provided with home-schooling material from the Ministry of Education.

Permission was granted for our children to take their Primary 1 and 2 end-of-year exams in our school buildings under current safety and hygiene regulations.

In the school year beginning in January 2021 the current P1 and P2 children will move up a level to P2 and P3 and a new class P1 will be formed from the new intake.

Children who left us in earlier years to pursue their primary education in another school continue to be supported.

We continue to maintain the school buildings in a good state of repair, and plan to construct the next two scheduled classrooms during 2021 in readiness for the start of the new class P4 in January 2022.

Our plan to replace firewood with gas as the fuel used for cooking at the school is currently being tested by volunteers to assess whether the theoretical values we had gathered from third parties could be applied successfully to the school. To date, the results are disappointing, but we will press on with our investigations in the hope of finding a way of implementing this important health measure.

The corona virus pandemic has had an unfortunate effect on our activities this year. I have already mentioned the impact of lockdown on our teaching activities, but it has begun to have a serious effect on our fundraising. Our latest effort to raise funds for the final three classes failed to raise sufficient funds for one class, let alone the targeted 3 classes, but on top of this, a number of our regular contributors have had to reduce or even cancel their contributions due to financial difficulties caused by the effects of the virus.

Our plan is to build up the school to the point where it is able to take our children from the nursery stage up to the end of Primary 7, after which, we hope, they will be able to continue into secondary education with their parents’ support.

The funding for the additional classes still needs to be raised.

However the reductions in donations on top of the shortfall of our last fundraising effort make it difficult for us to continue growing the school past the P4 stage.

2. Single mothers

As I mentioned in my last report, the covid crisis is also affecting some of the parents with children at our school who are unable to earn money to feed themselves and their families. Thanks to some private additional contributions for this specific purpose, we are able to ensure that all families are properly fed and our pupils thereby enabled to continue with their school education at home. The engagement of Madam Ruth and Ester as messengers of this food program to the families has strengthened the relationship between these families, the children and our school in the community.

Our single mothers focus mainly on sustaining selling common goods especially fresh foods and other daily necessities as a basis of self-sufficiency. They specifically expressed appreciation to you in that the school does not only educate their kids and the provision of meals, but avails relief for them to be away to sell their goods in the market.

3. Handicapped children

Joel (10 years) and Daphine (9 years) were visited by a local doctor and were given their check-ups as well as their medicines. We are thankful to the doctor’s support since transport

to our partner hospital in Kampala is very difficult during the pandemic times. Joel’s malaria, which had been diagnosed within the first half of this year was successfully cured so that he now only needs to carry on taking his epilepsy drugs.

Sharifa (19 years) is facing difficulties during home schooling due to lack of online equipment and is therefore not ready to take her end-of-year exams. She will therefore have to repeat senior secondary 3 class.

We will continue trying find proper solutions to providing our children with all necessary treatment and equipment during these difficult times while the regular ways and methods do not apply and serious needs are not properly covered.

4. Our online shop on

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We would be very happy to get in contact with you and give you further information and More detailed reports information about the progress on the ground, and on how you can get involved in our projects and bring in your ideas and support. Please send us an e-mail at: and or call at +49162 77 25 333 & + 49 6221 3162888

We deeply appreciate your support especially in these difficult times.

We wish you and your family Happy Holidays and all the best for the coming year 2021!

Here are some images in relation to the report.


In October-December 2019, we managed to complete the first school block with the fifth classroom. Over the next years, we are going to add another five rooms so that all seven primary school classes (according to the British-Ugandan school system) and three kindergarten groups have their proper rooms. Besides the school building, a 1000-liter water tank is installed to collect rainwater for multiple purposes.

The single mothers, whose children attend our school, receive small support from us to be able to run their business and earn for their living.

We also continue supporting our handicapped kids providing them medical checkups and medicins.

We are very thankful to all our supporters for their contributions to our school work giving these needy kids a chance to escape from hopeless poverty through education.

Image of the school-1



January 28th, 2019

A couple of weeks ago I returned from Uganda where I spent over 11 weeks to personally contribute to the progress in our current projects:

– The building of four brick classrooms and a teachers’ staffroom, to have a good basis for the education of our children, a kitchen and new toilets

– Medical checkups of our handicapped kids, providing them with proper medicines, equipments and further therapy.

Some selected photos of this exciting journey may give you impressions of all these achievements.

We are very thankful to our sponsors and supporters for making this possible.


We would be very happy to get in contact with you and give you further information and reports about the progress on the ground and on how you can get involved in our projects and bring in your ideas and support. Please send us an e-mail at:

 Jimmy Godfrey Mpungu

The report covers the period from April 2016 to March 2017 and provides a summary of the activities carried out under the Child Care Project in Uganda. It is a continuation of already started activities (follow-up activities) with a main focus on health and education.

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Current information from Uganda 15.11.2015:

On 06.11. Three of our disabled children were in the hospital in Kampala. Justine and Daphine have received a medical check-up, and Joel a so-called follow-up, which has examined his progress through physiotherapy.

Joel has made huge strides! Almost without being able to hold on, he can stand alone and can walk even better through the walker. Since he lives with his aunt, who cares lovingly for him, he has become much more lively and laughs a lot.

Unfortunately, Daphine could not see any progress from Daphine, but he also said that it could take a long time for her to progress at all. Her grandmother continues to do the physiotherapy exercises with her and soon Daphine will get a new chair that will support her neck perfectly. We are very happy that we can buy her this chair through the proceeds of fundraisers!

Justine was also examined and referred to the CORSU Rehabilitation Center. There she should get a check-up to discuss further treatment.

If you would like to support one of our children through a sponsorship, you will find more information here and the contact person for each child.

Muzafalo is now in the hospital awaiting further treatment and early surgery.

At the school, work on registration is progressing. The school has been fenced and the new latrines have been completed. In order for our school to be registered, several points have to be processed. That’s why the CCP team will be on site in the coming months.