School lessons and meals in the new rooms, sport outside


In October-December 2019, we managed to complete the first school block with the fifth classroom. Over the next years, we are going to add another five rooms so that all seven primary school classes (according to the British-Ugandan school system) and three kindergarten groups have their proper rooms. Besides the school building, a 1000-liter water tank is installed to collect rainwater for multiple purposes.

The single mothers, whose children attend our school, receive small support from us to be able to run their business and earn for their living.

We also continue supporting our handicapped kids providing them medical checkups and medicins.

We are very thankful to all our supporters for their contributions to our school work giving these needy kids a chance to escape from hopeless poverty through education.


January 28th, 2019

A couple of weeks ago I returned from Uganda where I spent over 11 weeks to personally contribute to the progress in our current projects:

– The building of four brick classrooms and a teachers’ staffroom, to have a good basis for the education of our children, a kitchen and new toilets

– Medical checkups of our handicapped kids, providing them with proper medicines, equipments and further therapy.

Some selected photos of this exciting journey may give you impressions of all these achievements.

We are very thankful to our sponsors and supporters for making this possible.


We would be very happy to get in contact with you and give you further information and reports about the progress on the ground and on how you can get involved in our projects and bring in your ideas and support. Please send us an e-mail at:

Jimmy Godfrey Mpungu