Students and staff

In 2013, the CCP founded a pre-primary and elementary school in the region of Iganga.

Since then we take care of about 40 children of socially weak families. In addition to teaching, we try to provide 2 meals a day.

The school has four teachers and a cook. Some of our employees’ children also go to our school.

Diagramm Schule CCP

In addition to the school, we offer a kindergarten for about 20 children.

(On the left you can see the composition of the pre-primary and primary school, as well as kindergarten)

Mitarbeiter CCP Schule

In this photo you can see the entire teacher of our primary and primary school, as well as the board members of the CCP.

At the far left of the photo you can see Ester, the school’s director. She founded the school in 2013 and her mission is to provide education to destitute children.

Dani and Jan on the left and Jim on the far right are the CCP’s board and visited the projects in August 2015 for 5 weeks. Much has been improved during this time. See travelogues.

Next to Dani and Jan, you’ll see Gorret, school teacher and mother of Derek, one of our schoolchildren. Derek has sickle cell anemia.

In the middle of the picture is Susan, an intern at school and niece of Ester and Jim. She wants to study agriculture, if the financial means permit.

Next to Susan, you can see the elementary school cook taking care of breakfast and lunch.

Ruth, who is next to Jim, is also a teacher and lives with her family in a small house on the CCP School property. Her two daughters, Anisija and Asima also go to the CCP school. Her husband Mubarak, also a teacher but not at our school, is an active supporter!

As part of the lesson, we provide the children with a weekly timetable to provide a regular daily routine.



Unfortunately, the school building had come down very low.

Dani and Jan helped renovate the school building as part of their Uganda trips.

(Before, afterwards)

Schule vorher-nachher

The walls as well as the roof have been completely renewed. A rain gutter has been installed to prevent the daily rain from flooding the entrance to the classrooms and carrying the floor away. The water from the gutter is now collected in a large water barrel and can be used by the school.

The floor has been leveled and the big step in front of the classroom entrance has disappeared.

It was also very important to us that the newly built school building is now waterproof and windproof and does not have to be rebuilt after every storm. This is now guaranteed.


Tafeln vorher-nachher

Inside, too, a lot has happened. New panels have been added, which are repainted every 3 months to ensure that they last longer and can be cleaned well, as they are made of painted wood panels only. In addition, new posters and learning materials were hung, which were also made more durable by a protective film. For each child, there is now a small table with a small sponge on which to write the individual letter.



Mittagessen in der Schule

The school tries to provide children with breakfast and lunch every day. This consists mostly of porridge for breakfast and rice and beans for lunch.



Photoalbum: AL-RRA ZAAQ School

Hygiene Seminar

Another point that was very important to us was the implementation of a hygiene seminar. There Dani explained to the teachers as well as to the children and their parents how important hygiene is. For each child, there is now a local toothbrush and toothpaste in the school. In addition, a small container was purchased with which the children can wash their hands after a toilet or before eating. This is filled with the help of water from the rain barrel. It was also ensured that a first aid package is now available at school.


Latrines and fence construction

LatrinenbauIn August 2015, not only the school building was renewed, but also the latrines of the school. The former latrines had come down quite low and no longer complied with the hygiene conditions. Due to a generous donation, this latrine building of Kimuli, after the departure of Dani and Jan, could be realized. A big Zaunbau 1thank you very much!

Also, the school grounds were fenced, so that the children can play and learn protected in the playground.