How can you help us?

There are several ways to support us:

a) Monthly contribution to our primary school in Uganda:

It is a great challenge for us to secure a stable and sustainable financial basis for all our school needs, covering all costs for building new classrooms, school supplies, teachers, subsistence of our pupils and basic health care.

Therefore, we are thankful for each regular contribution.

Please send us an e-mail in case you consider supporting us and you are interested in more details:

We look forward to getting in touch with you!

b) Single donation:

Single donations also help us to implement progress in our projects.

Please contact us in case you consider supporting us and need further information:

We look forward to your message.

c) Sponsorship for one of our three disabled children:

You can support Daphine, Sharifa, or Joel through personal sponsorship.

Please read more about them here!

Many thanks for your help!

You can also help us in that you tell others about CCP and that we need help.

We are sure that many people with a heart for needy kids can make a great difference together.

The children and their families are thankful for every support.

Bank details

Child Care Project e.V., Sparkasse Heidelberg

IBAN: DE64 6725 0020 0009 2186 10