Our Journey

About Us

In 2013, Jimmy Godfrey Mpungu, the visionary behind the Child Care Project, embarked on a transformative journey. He established a pre-primary and elementary school in Iganga with the goal of uplifting the lives of children from underprivileged backgrounds. This marked the birth of Child Care Project e.V. Our initial endeavor began with 40 students, aiming to provide education and two daily meals, while setting our sights on the creation of a comprehensive primary school.

However, our path was not without challenges. We encountered hurdles such as inadequate infrastructure, delayed teacher salaries, student hunger, and subpar hygiene facilities. Despite these obstacles, Jim and his sister Ester were fueled by the legacy of their grandmother, Esereda Ntono. She had dedicated over 50 years of her life to caring for orphans and disadvantaged children in Mbale, Uganda.

In response, a steadfast team of volunteers emerged over the years, becoming the driving force for change. This dedicated group consisted of passionate school staff, supportive board members, and steadfast advocates, including notable figures like Madam Ruth, her husband Mubarak, Gorreti, and Susan. Their unwavering commitment yielded remarkable progress. Our school underwent a remarkable transformation, sporting new walls, a fortified roof, and efficient rain gutter systems. Internally, durable panels, educational posters, and enriching learning materials fostered an enhanced academic environment.

In 2015, Dani and Jens, who visited us, played a pivotal role during their local visit to Iganga and Mpigi district, where we were supporting a few disabled children. Their contribution included leading hygiene seminars, prioritizing cleanliness, and providing essential items such as toothbrushes and toothpaste. We also constructed vital facilities, including latrines, and enveloped the school grounds with protective fencing to enhance safety and hygiene.

The unity of volunteers from both local and global spheres underscores the monumental impact of collective action. Throughout this journey, it remains crucial to acknowledge that guided by the passion inherited from a departed grandmother, Jim, with Ester’s unwavering support, played a pivotal role in shaping CCP into the beacon of positive change it has become today.