What is the Child Care Project?

The Child Care Project was founded with a small primary school in 2013 by Jimmy Godfrey Mpungu. He and his sister, Ester, had decided to continue the work of their grandmother, who had taken care of orphans and disadvantaged children in Uganda for more than 50 years.

We support children and their families with free basic health care, education, clothing, and meals as well as helping single mothers and children with handicaps. Most of our work is carried out by volunteers.

Where do we get involved ?

Our aim is to produce sustainable improvement in the quality of life of our children and in the future as they grow up. We believe the key to this is education. We are therefore working towards creating a complete primary school of 7 school classes and 3 kindergarten groups. This will give parents time and means to develop their financial independence in order to support their children through senior school education and beyond.

Where are the projects located?

The CCP School is located in Iganga, in the southeast of Uganda. Our three children with disabilities live in Mpigi, in the west of Kampala, the capital.