Information about the Trip

Uganda is a worthwhile destination, above all because of its natural beauties. However, a few notes should be noted in advance: Traveling to the border area with Kenya or the Democratic Republic of the Congo should be avoided as this does not exclude attacks on tourists. If you do not know exactly where Uganda is, we have colored it here blue on the world map:

In addition, there is an increased crime rate, especially in the larger cities. German citizens need a visa, which is issued before departure at the responsible foreign representation in Berlin or at the entry. Sufficient vaccine protection – Uganda is a yellow fever infection area – is urgently needed. Medical care in the country does not meet the European standard. Of course, a visit to the capital Kampala is on the program of a Uganda trip.

Here, just a few kilometers from the famous Lake Victoria and lying at over 1000 m altitude, is the political, economic and cultural center of the country, in which now almost 1.4 million people live. Worth seeing are especially the diverse religious buildings: In addition to the Roman Catholic Rubaga Cathedral are Protestant and Anglican churches, but also a Hindu temple and the Kibuli Mosque. If you want to inquire about the country’s history and cultural achievements, you should visit the National Museum, where numerous relics of long gone times are exhibited.

Kampala is also one of the most important science centers in East Africa: Here is the famous Makerere University, which was founded in 1922 and is now visited by over 30,000 students. An absolute highlight of Kampala are the Kabaka Tombs (or Kasubi Tombs), the so-called royal tombs of the old Buganda, which are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For a tourist trip, the former capital Entebbe, located on a peninsula in Lake Victoria.

There are a number of port facilities, but above all a beautiful botanical garden dating back to the beginning of the 19th century. Film fans will also discover the panorama of the well-known Tarzan films here. Uganda’s popularity as a tourist destination is due to many more natural beauties, such as the Bujagali Falls near the town of Jinja.

Meanwhile, a tourist infrastructure has developed on the banks, so that recreation seekers and nature lovers, but especially water sports get their money. Similarly good conditions are found in the three largest inland waters of the country, Lake Albert, Lake Edward and Lake Victoria.

But as beautiful as sailing or swimming may seem, especially in the latter waters – the population density around the lake has led to a dramatic intensification of environmental problems in recent years: Lake Victoria reached the headlines in 2005 as threatened waters. For holidaymakers who would like to admire Uganda’s beauty from higher altitudes, there is an excursion to the Ruwenzori Mountains (also known as the Moon Mountains). Located in the southwest of the country, its landscape is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. For hikers and mountaineers, the region enjoys the highest popularity.


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